Mainstay Development – Meaning of Name and Logo


Mainstay was originally a nautical term. A stay is a heavy rope or wire cable supporting a mast. A mainstay is the forestay bracing the main mast. More generally mainstay means ‘chief support’ or something upon which something else is based.

The name Mainstay Development alludes to the company mission of building valued homes which become a foundation or base for clients, achieved by designing, developing and delivering properties of excellent quality. The word mainstay also acknowledges the early naval career and business role of Mainstay Development’s founder.

The shapes in the Mainstay Development symbol reference water and waves. The colours reference land. The symbol’s initial inspiration was a photograph of sea grass on a lake edge.

Mainstay Development’s vision

To work with commitment, passion and pride. To supply exceptional value to clients and offer improved quality of life through excellence in the design, development and delivery of building projects. To be recognised as a progressive property developer.

Mainstay Development’s mission

To develop innovative environmentally friendly homes designed to enhance client comfort and complement local areas. To deliver value for money to clients with cost effective on time projects.


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