Mainstay Development progresses efficiently through the many interconnected phases of the building development process.

Identifying and Evaluating A Potential Building Development Site

Mainstay Development assesses the unique features, conditions, opportunities and constraints of each potential site. Council restrictions and guidelines are reviewed. A site with strong potential is purchased after a positive site assessment.

A design brief and project proposal are tailored to each site. These two documents are fundamental requirements for successful building site development.

The base brief and specification is established. A completed house price is estimated. Soil tests and surveys are arranged. Relevant reports are obtained (for example, bush fire or flood reports).

Planning the Development

The design brief and project proposal are accepted. The building design process commences and includes:

  • Determine siting and site works analysis
  • Develop detailed specifications
  • Confirm pricing

Detailed specifications are prepared and includes:

  • Prepare final working drawings for construction
  • Final selection of fixtures, fittings and colours
  • Final structural engineering and energy ratings
  • Submission to council for development approval and construction certificate
  • Prepare building contracts


Once all approvals are obtained construction begins. The construction process and duration varies with the size and complexity of each project. Progress reports are provided and site visits arranged for clients to view the progress and quality of the construction progress.