Mainstay Development believes successful delivery of building projects rewards all preceding design and development work.

Construction Program

A detailed construction program is developed prior to beginning construction. Sub-contractors are engaged and informed about the program, sequencing and timing for all trades.

Mainstay Development has a supervision program ensuring standards are maintained and met. Workplace health and safety guidelines are implemented and followed. The builder is responsible for all site activities and site access when construction begins.

Client involvement through site visits and inspections is encouraged. Access to the site is arranged with the builder to comply with all workplace health and safety guidelines.

Certification at Critical Project Stages

Regular certification ensures projects are constructed according to approved plans, specifications, relevant building codes and council regulations. Regular certification aids structural integrity and also assists with health, safety and amenity standards being maintained and met.

Practical completion occurs when construction is finished. In contract terms practical completion is in accordance with the contract and occurs when all relevant statutory requirements are satisfied. A full practical completion report is available for all owners of Mainstay Development properties.

When the client has possession of their new property, Mainstay Development supplies a comprehensive property owner’s manual covering operating instructions for all prime cost items. Suggested maintenance schedules are outlined. These schedules aim to keep the property in prime condition and increase in value over time.

Mainstay Development believes exceptional value is delivered to clients by positively accomplishing goals and objectives detailed in the design brief and progressed throughout the building site development process.